thoughts 09/22/19

Wow, it’s been over a year since I’ve written on this blog. While I used to primarily use this for showcasing my travel itineraries and pictures (and will still continue to), I want to add more of a personal touch. I had all intentions to continue this blog throughout my sophomore year, but as it turns out balancing school and basketball along with some time to relax with friends and family is definitely not an easy task.

Now it’s about six weeks into junior year and I’m hoping this can be an outlet from a world of SAT prep, homework 24/7, and the unexpected things in life. Since the last time I’ve written I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to quite a few places and I will continue to post some memories to reminisce on. This summer consisted of constantly jetting off to different places for my travel basketball team as well as a fun hiking trip with my dad in Hawaii to close off the summer, blog posts on all these trips will be up soon!

For the last few weeks I had a whole elaborate and frankly last minute plan to graduate high school this year (my junior year) instead and take a gap year before I started college. Most of high school I have focused primarily on my grades and basketball leaving little time to decompress or enjoy my teenage years until the summers where I still find a way to keep busy. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do (job-wise) in my future and I was hoping to use that gap year to shadow different jobs as well as possibly get an internship. During that year I hoped to do a variety of things I’ve never had much time for including learning how to cook Indian food from my grandma, volunteer more at my local women’s shelter, read from my ever-growing book list, and do a volunteer trip somewhere in the world. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot but I had it planned out and was ready and excited to graduate this year. After talking to many people who had also graduated early, I realized there’s no rush to graduate high school and that I could still take a gap year before college even if it meant I would be entering university with people who where mostly younger than me. Now, I’m honestly glad I didn’t rush to graduate since I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy my last year of high school as I would have even more of a workload with the two extra classes I’d have to take in order to obtain the graduation requirements. I can enjoy being a senior as well as take a year off after. This month I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea that many people have about how they should live their life: graduate high school, go to college, then get a job and work hard, then have kids and if you have time then enjoy a little. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with this route, I just know it’s not the route for me. While I have always known I want to go to university, I don’t think there’s any pressing reason to begin college as soon as you finish high school. The way I see it, I have the rest of my life to work and pay bills. Taking one year off to figure out what I want to do as well as enjoy the last bits of being young and ~somewhat~ carefree is the route I’m planning to take.

So basically that’s the mess that’s been going through my head for that past few weeks haha.

Some new things I’m hoping to add to this blog (along with the normal travel posts) is to make more journal-style posts, cooking/baking recipes, and also some educational posts. I’ve always been aware of the damage we are doing to the environment and I’m hoping to spread awareness and provide some ways to minimize our ecological footprint.

This post is kind of all over the place but I want to make this less of a formal platform and more of a place which I can just throw all my thoughts onto as well. I’m excited for what’s to come, stay tuned!!

– daya :))

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