Travel & Packing Tips

Here are a few tips for anyone who’s traveling, hope you enjoy!

Space Saving

-Roll your clothes.

-Fold your outfits all together in one bundle.

-Put rolled up chargers in a glasses case.


-If you plan on bringing a hat, I find the best way to pack it is to put rolled up tops inside until the hat is completely packed. In the photo above I was able to fit 9 tank tops into one hat.

-Put foundation or moisturizer in an old contact or pill case instead of using an entire bottle.

-To keep shampoo’s from leaking unscrew the lid and cover the hole with plastic wrap. Then screw the lid back on.

-Unless you need a specific shampoo just save yourself the space and use hotel shampoo.

-Put undergarments in at the end, and stuff them between any open spots between clothes.


-Put earrings in button holes so they don’t get lost.

-Attach a bright ribbon to a plain suitcase so you know its yours when it’s coming out of security.

-Wrap perfume and other fragile items in socks to keep from breaking.

-Bring an empty water bottle through airport security and fill it up at a near water fountain right before the flight.

-Put you’re the soles of your shoes in a shower cap to avoid them from getting your clothes dirty.

-Put your necklaces through a straw so they don’t get tangled.

-Be sure to check the weather before you pack.


-Last, but definitely not least is to plan your outfits!

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