Things to do in Chicago

Chicago has always been on my bucket list, last week I was lucky enough to visit there. During my 4 days I was able to see most of the city. Here are a few pointers on where to go.

Things to see

Millennium Park


Cloud Gate aka The Bean~ This popular tourist attraction is a really incredible piece of art. The mirror-like surface reflects the city and it’s skyscrapers. It looks incredible during the day and night so make sure to see them both times. At night there’s also way less people there so you could get a picture without crowds of tourists in the backround. Underneath the bean is a reflection thats is purely unexplainable. It’s something you can’t leave Chicago without seeing.

BP Pedestrian Bridge~ This bridge connects Maggie Daley Park with Millennium Park.

Crown Fountain~ There are 2 towers that have faces of Chicago citizens projected on one side and every few minutes water begins pouring out of the mouth. This is a cute spot to stop by and get a cooled off on a hot, summer day.

Wrigley Square~ We saw this monument at night, when it lit up.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion~ This beautiful pavilion has concerts and free movies every Tuesday during the summer time. During the night it lights up.

Boeing Gallery South~  Above is a frame made out of rubber it was really awesome because there was two different sides to the frame. I didn’t get a chance to see Boeing Gallery North but based on the cool art in here I’m sure it’d be just as cool.

Overall I loved Millennium Park. The best part was it wasn’t something that takes up a whole day. The park is a great place to explore. The picture above was taken between Cloud Gate and Boeing Gallery South.

Buckingham Fountain~ This fountain that is located in Grant Park, is something great to see during night and day. It is so big and beautiful, especially with the city’s skyline in the background.

Navy Pier~ What I love about this place is in the summer on Wednesdays and Saturdays they have fireworks. The best place to see the fireworks is from the top of the ferris wheel. Going at night was beautiful because you could see the whole city light up. The picture on the left bottom corner is the view from the top of the ferris wheel.

Chicago Sign~ Great area for photos 🙂

United Center~ As a basketball fan, I could not come to Chicago without seeing the Michael Jordan statue. It was so awesome to be able to “see” my basketball idol.

Field Museum of Natural History~ I really enjoyed this museum they had tons of awesome exhibits. I absolutely loved the Women of Vision Exhibit. I also liked the Terracotta Warriors Exhibit. 

Michigan Avenue aka the Magnificent Mile~ This is a great place to shop.

Art~ There’s tons of art all around Chicago that you can see while exploring.

View from the top of a tower~ There are many towers in Chicago that you can see the view from. The most popular building is the John Hancock Observatory. We were not able to go to this one because of the long wait. The Willis Tower is also a favorite. The closest one for us was the Trump Building, so this is the view from the top.


Run/Walk along the Chicago River~ On my second day in Chicago, I woke up early and took a run along the river. It was so pretty and a great way to start the day.

Go on a Boat on Lake Michigan~ The view during the sunset is incredible.

The City

Things to Eat

Half of any vacation is the food. Let me tell you, Chicago does not disappoint.

Giordano’s~ You must have deep dish pizza in Chicago. It is unimaginable to leave without trying this. It is so, so good and very filling.

Amorino Gelato~ Best. Gelato. Ever. I had this gelato the first time in Montpelier, France. You can see in Things to do in Europe +Tips. For my flavors I chose mango, sicilian citrus, and stracciatella.

Molly’s Cupcakes~ This cupcake bakery is so good. They won Cupcake Wars on the season finale and one of the 10 best cupcake bakeries in the county by USA Today. We got the Crème brûlée (my favorite), Cookie Monster, and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Beatrix~ We came here for brunch and I got the Belgian waffles. There was a lot of good looking pastries at the front of the store. I also have a picture of the menu on the right.

Wild berry Pancakes and Cafe~ I forgot to take a picture here because I was so engrossed in the food. This was so good. We ate hash browns, sun dried tomato and avocado omelet, and fresh berry pancakes. The omelet was delicious. It also has a killer location right in front of Millennium Park.

Sprinkles Cupcakes~ We got strawberry, red velvet, cuban coffee, and vanilla milk chocolate. My favorite was the strawberry. The cupcakes were good but to be honest, Molly’s Cupcakes were better in my opinion. What I do love about this place was the cupcake ATM, but when we went there it wasn’t working.


Yolk~ We came here for breakfast and it was delicious. Again, I forgot to take a picture of my food but I did have this one of part of the menu.The picture includes a hot chocolate I got from Beatrix.


Native Foods Cafe~As a vegetarian it was awesome having an all vegetarian restaurant to try. I got the Native Nachos and a wrap.

Intelligentsia Coffee~ Cute decoration and cozy place that is fairly close to Millennium Park. Not a coffee drinker, but according to my dad it was really good.

Rosebud on Rush~ Dinner was great at this cute little Italian restaurant. I got the Fettuccine Alfredo.



Polaroids are a great souvenirs.


These are a few other souvenirs I picked up. The key chain and postcard I got from a souvenir shop and I got the gem tree for my room at the Field Museum gift shop.

Things to do in Chicago 2
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  Hope you enjoyed my Chicago tips!

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