The World of Harry Potter

This was such an awesome experience!! While I was in London this summer my cousins and I went to the studios and it was so interesting to see all the work that gets put into making a movie. Almost all the props and stages are originals from the movies. I read all the Harry Potter books in third grade and can’t even count how many times I’ve seen the movies, so going to the studios was incredible. Even if you’re not a big Harry Potter fan, this is such a great place to see the behind the scenes of movie-making. We spent 3 hours here, and believe it or not the tour guide at the beginning mentioned that it was the average time spent here. There was a small tour at the beginning but after 10 minutes we were free to explore the studio. Warning: I took A LOT of photo’s haha.

I loved this wall, it was so cool to read and see all the “Proclamations”.

fun fact I learned at the studios: Every year they had to make the boy’s beds longer to fit them haha.


We also learned about some cool video tricks, this one was called forced perspective. This hallway is much shorter than it seems, but by the way the planks and flooring is placed it looks much longer.


This glass case had all seven horcruxes.

The train was awesome, we could even go inside.

Andddd last but not least, my favorite part of the whole tour! They had the actual model used, it was crazy how intricate every detail was and how big it was!! Visiting the studios was so much fun, I hope you guys enjoyed the photos 🙂

xoxo daya






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