Summer Bucket List 2016

Wearing pjs every hour, sleeping in till noon, and non-stop watching Netflix and Youtube sounds so tempting. But… I’ve decided to go in a different direction in how I’m spending this summer. So I put together a list that I am hoping to complete by August 21 (first day of school). Hope this gives you  inspiration if you are planning on making a bucket list too!

~Take a road trip


~ See the sunrise and sunset on the ocean



~Go to a water park


~Go to a concert

~Wake up earlier

~Create a blog schedule

~Go on a Ferris Wheel

~Go to a lighthouse

~Swim in the Ocean


~Paint my room?!

~Learn how to cook more (do 7 new recipes)

~Have a 2 day sleepover

~See tidal pools


~Paint something really cool on a big canvas and perfect it

~Play basketball

~Go to a hike

~Drive in movie

~Day in San Fransisco

~Santa Cruz boardwalk


~Make smores around a bonfire

~Go camping

~Go into a cave


~National Park

Located in Los Padres National Forest


~Go out of the state

Hope you enjoyed my 2016 Summer Bucket List. Every time I complete one of these items I will come back to this post, cross out, and add a picture below the completed item.

Enjoy, and if you like my posts don’t forget to follow for more!❤

xoxo daya


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