Stocking Stuffers under $20

Hey guys! For today’s post I thought I’d give you some cheap stocking stuffer ideas! For most of these things I’m not going to tag a specific area to buy them, because what kind depends on the person. These gifts are almost always under $20.

Here’s a list of ideas for stockings:

  • perfumes, hand sanitizers, and lotions
  • bath bombs
  • jewelry
  • mini candles
  • basketball socks, fuzzy socks, any kinds of socks haha
  • nail polish
  • cute measuring cups or anything to do with cooking for any chefs
  • cute note pads
  • candy (because there’s never enough candy over the holidays)
  • polaroid film (for anyone with a Polaroid because these run out fast!)
  • phone cases
  • face masks
  • any types of accessories (hats, scarves, gloves, etc…)
  • slippers
  • portable charges (aka life savers)
  • art supplies (for the artist)
  • makeup
  • chapstick (for dry winters)

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    xoxo daya

    ps: if you have any requests for blog posts for blogmas let me know in the comment section!




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