Pier 39 A Day in San Fransisco

Hey guys! Long time no see… but it’s SUMMER! I have so many new blog ideas for these next few months and I can’t wait to be able to dedicate my time to my blog. Anyways, I recently came back from a quick trip to SF and I wanted to share the pictures 🙂 We spent most of our time at Pier 39 but also went to Lands End to watch the sunset.

san fransan fran-9san fran-8san fran-3san fran-2

Little one wanted to ride the carousel : ) I wasn’t able to snap a picture but we also went to this cool 4D show with zombies (totally lame but really fun haha).

san fran-7

san fran-4san fran-6

There was so many seals; yes it smelled terrible; but they were hilarious.

san fran-5san fran-10

We went into the aquarium and it was so cool. There was a tide pool to touch stingrays and starfish that my sisters LOVED.

san fran-11san fran-12

We were chasing the sunset so we only had time to take a quick picture at the The Palace of Fine Arts. I had been there before when I was younger and it’s so fun inside, I would definitly recommed for anyone staying in San Fransisco longer.

san fran-13san fran-14

If you ever want to see an incredible sunset go to Lands End. It was amazing and the Golden Gate Bridge looks gorgeous during sunset.

I absolutely love San Fransisco so don’t worry this definitly wont be the last SF post 😉 Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for staying till the end!

xoxo daya


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