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New York Photo Diary

Hey guys! I just got back from a quick trip to New York and I thought I’d share some pictures I took. We landed a day before a snowstorm so the weather went from chilly to freezing overnight! We stayed in Times Square and explored the city, snow and all.

nyc 2017 blog post-2

This was the night we landed, no snow to be found.

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nyc 2017 blog post-3nyc 2017 blog post-4nyc 2017 blog post-12

After only one night the streets looked like this! It was a big change from the California weather I was coming from haha. The mini snowmen everywhere were so cute.

nyc 2017 blog post-10nyc 2017 blog post-11nyc 2017 blog post-17nyc 2017 blog post-9

I wasn’t able to watch the play but walking by the building I was humming The Schuyler Sisters song haha.

nyc 2017 blog post-6nyc 2017 blog post-5

On the subway we got a mini performance from these guys, it was an awesome experience.

nyc 2017 blog post-15

While exploring Times Square we walked into this gorgeous church!

nyc 2017 blog post-18

This Pizza was soo good! We found it at a hole in the wall place in the Theatre District called Patzeria Perfect Pizza. For anyone going to New York soon, definitely try their Fresh Tomato & Basil Pizza.

nyc 2017 blog post-14

We also took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Since it was several degrees below freezing and my feet felt like ice, I only got a couple of pictures :/ But the experience was still great!

nyc 2017 blog post-16

Anddd that’s a wrap! It was a very relaxed yet fun trip, till next time NY!

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xoxo daya


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