New Years Resolution 2017


Hey Guys, It’s 2017!!! I say this every year but wow, 2016 went by fast. Every year I try to set a few goals for the New Year so, I thought I would share mine.

  • Drink more water!
  • Practice Basketball at least 2 times per week!
  • Workout more!
  • Work on confidence (on the court & off)
  • Eat healthier, aka less pizza lol
  • Get a better sleep schedule (no more under eye bags for me haha)
  • Try to improve my photography and take more photos.
  • Blog more, my goal is 1 time per week (at least)!

Hope you enjoyed my New Years Resolutions, let me know some of your resolutions in the comments! If you have any questions or comments leave them down below and if you like these posts make sure to give a thumbs up and follow for more! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!❤

xoxo daya



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