My 1st Backpacking Experience in Tahoe

This week I went on a 3 day backpacking trip through Desolation Wilderness in Tahoe. No phone service, no bathrooms (yup :|), and no in-n-out aka real food. Other than that it was such an awesome experience, definitely one I’ll never forget.

 On the first day we arrived at Wrights Lake at 8am.

We started on a trail but slowly began off trail. We came across couple of waterfalls and streams.


The hike up to Twin Lakes was gorgeous!

The lake was really pretty and there was a small little island in the middle we could swim to.

The lake was especially beautiful at sundown


My favorite part of the first day was laying on the flat rocks at night and watching the stars. I don’t live in a big city but at night the stars are hard to find. So being so high up it was incredible how many we could see. We saw the big dipper and a couple of shooting stars. I wasn’t able to catch the stars on camera but they were beautiful.

This was our tent setup and where our food was hung up at night to keep away the bears.

In the morning we woke up and headed up. I believe the lake above was boomerang lake.

This little waterfall is knows as Shangri-La Lake.

We climbed up a little more and found two areas of snow (in August). It was a really great escape from the heat. We did a little sledding down the hill. It was suprisingly deep and my hands were frozen red after this (:


View of Twin Lakes from the top of the mountain.


Then we headed back down on a different route.

A highlight of my trip, Enchanted Falls, was gorgeous.

We ate dinner at the Enchanted falls, boiling our water over the fire.


We decided to do a night hike back to the car. Halfway there, we stopped and turned our headlamps off and gazed up at the stars. They were so bright and beautiful. Night hiking is definitely a different experience than day hiking. The air is so cool, crisp and peaceful.

It would be great if you could pin!

Overall I loved my first time backpacking. I made tons of memories and it was a great thing to check off my bucket list ; )

 Hope you enjoyed my backpacking trip!

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xoxo daya


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