Mi amor, Barcelona

Barcelona is my favorite place in the world. It is so lively, the people are sooooo nice, and there’s so much to do here. It’s my dream place to study abroad (hence the high school spanish classes). I was lucky enough to go to Barcelona for the second time and this time with my mom which was so fun!! The trip was full of so many breath taking, hilarious, gorgeous, and ridiculous moments. It was my moms first time in Barcelona so we went to some repeats from the last time.  Our trip was a short two days but we definitely made the most of it and traveled around the whole city. Enjoy these photos and I’m thinking of doing another post about places to eat there so let me know if that would be intresting 🙂



To get to the mountain amusement park we took this colorful “subway”.

The view from the top was insane!!

I still can’t get over the fact that this place was real, definitely my favorite part of the trip.

Park Güell

This was my second time at this park but I saw a completely different side to it. Last time I went we paid to go to the section where everyone takes the generic picture with the colorful benches and the cross statue and while that was pretty it was cool to explore more of the park (its huge!!). If you do want to take the picture with the mosaic type benches (I’m not very good at explaining it but if you look it up you’ll know what I mean haha) then make sure to buy your tickets in advance because they sell out pretty fast.

This part of the park is free and it’s really beautiful I would highly recommend going there!!

La Rambla/ Gothic Quarter

The boqueria is known for having very bright different types of food and it’s really fun to walk around (warning: it’s really huge and confusing inside and we kind of got lost after a while so be careful haha).

After we got out of the market we just aimlessly walked around the gothic quarter and it was so fun! There were tons of street performers and it wasn’t as crowded as La Rambla. Also the boutiques around this area were so cute and if I could afford it I probably would’ve spent the whole day shopping. I did buy a few things from Mango which I know is a European chain but we don’t have it in America.

Archdiocese of Barcelona

This was a great little surprise we didn’t expect to see walking through the gothic quarter. My favorite memory of Barcelona was here; my mom and I were sitting on the steps of this cathedral, the sun was setting and this man was playing the guitar and singing it was such a great ending to the best first day.

We walked around the cathedral and found some huge doors that were so pretty!

Sagrada Família

This is probably one of the most beautiful cathedral I’ve ever been too. You think you’ve seen all its beauty from outside but once you go in it’s even prettier. This time we went the tickets were sold out but I went inside last time so you can check out those photos.

Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona

When we came here they were shooting a commercial and had the whole area shut down. The view was still gorgeous and it was cool to watch the behind the scenes of shooting a commercial.

Avinguda del Litoral (Beach)

This beach was super lively and a little bit touristy, the beach area seemed like a whole different town.

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona

We went to go see a flamenco dance and got all dressed up it was so fun!!

story time: After the dance we attempted to get back to the hotel by subway. We got to the subway station and the wait time said about 25 minutes which was weird but we figured it was better than walking back (what we thought would’ve been) 25 minutes and we already paid so we waited. Also it was insanely hot for some reason and slowly more people began filing up the subway platform so we rushed to the front so we could get a spot when the subway came. Finally when the subway came it was packed full. Like faces pressed up against the glass full, but after waiting that long I was hot and hungry and there was no way we were waiting for the next subway or walking home. So when like 4 people came out my mom and I squeezed in. We were squished in between tons of sweaty highly irritated people; not the most enjoyable ride. Turns out our hotel stop was only one away so we got off extremely disgusted. The hotel staff told us later that apparently the cabs had gone on a strike and that apparently the place where we took the subway was only a ten minute walk from the hotel. Moral of the story use google maps and don’t get on subways when cabs are on a strike. Other than this Barcelona was amazing and I had a great time :))

hope you enjoyed this post!! my next and last europe post for a while will be south of france so look out for that soon :))

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