How to: Vegetarian Thanksgiving

When most people think about Thanksgiving, they think about the turkey. I have grown up vegetarian and Thanksgiving is a bit different in our house. Here are some things we have for Thanksgiving that will hopefully give any fellow vegetarians some ideas.


Main Dishes: -Vegetarian Lasagna (my favorite is with white sauce)

-Vegetarian Shepard’s Pie

-Sheet Pan Pasta Gratin (we have kale in ours and it’s delicious)

Sides: -Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

-Green Bean Casserole

-Roasted Potatoes

-Bread Rolls


Dessert (the best part): -Pumpkin Bread and/or Corn Bread

-Pumpkin Pie

Hope you enjoyed my vegetarian Thanksgiving menu! If you have any questions or comments leave them down below and if you like these posts make sure to give a thumbs up and follow for more. Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!❤

xoxo daya


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