How to Balance School, Sports and Life

       Hey guys, it’s blogmas day 13! As some of you know I love to play basketball, I’m still in school, all the while doing this blog. It can be stressful balancing everything but here’s a few tips I use. What I’ve found is that everything revolves around time management, hope these tips help.

  1. Make a schedule/plan for each week, I made this one below. screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-9-24-42-pm
  2. Make sure to put the schedule on your calendar so nothing falls on an important events.
  3. Don’t wait till the last minute. Before a test or game make sure to start preparing early on.
  4. Use your weekends wisely. Watching netflix and youtube (as appealing as it sounds) is not the smartest idea before a test or game.

    Hope these tips help! If you have any questions or comments leave them down below and if you like these posts make sure to give a thumbs up and follow for more! Happy Holidays❤

    xoxo daya

    ps: if you have any requests for blog posts for blogmas let me know in the comment section!


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