Empire Mine State Historic Park

This week I took a little day trip to the Empire Mine State Historic Park, California’s oldest and largest gold mine. The park felt like I was taking a time machine back to the California’s gold rush. After the park we went to the small town of Nevada City, California for lunch.

The Park had tours where they explained all about the area’s history and how the gold rush began. In the tour they told us about the Bourn Family, who owned the mine. Our tour guide, George, was awesome.



This cool sign in the front of the park showed the price of gold throughout the years.

The Empire Mine’s underground tunnels totaled up to 367 miles! As it says on the picture above, that is about the distance from Grass Valley to Disneyland.

Before entering the park there was a little “museum” inside.



This is the Bourn Family’s summer home.


My little sisters looking at the gems 🙂


This tree was planted August 9, 1928


This was the mine manager’s office.


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This is where many people spend most of their days digging for gold. It descends 11400 ft down!

That wraps up the Empire Mine State Historic Park, it was such a cool experience and I would definitely go there again. Our tour guide said spring is a great times to come because of the blossoming flowers and fall, because of the changing leaves.

Nevada City


This is the City Hall for Nevada City, a small town near Grass Valley. It’s a cute little place to go for lunch.

Broad Street had really good sandwiches and paninis. I got the Vegetarian Sandwich and my dad got the Vegetarian Panini.

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