Deer Isle, Maine

    I didn’t know what to expect when we were on our way to Deer Isle, Maine, but it was a great surprise. It was such a relaxing couple of days there. For todays post I’ll show a nearby town called Stonington, a cute lighthouse on a small island, and some cute areas around Deer Isle. During our trip we also visited Portland, Maine, went canoeing, watercolored at a beautiful house, and saw a beautiful national park (all in posts to come ;))

This wall with some lobster buoys was on the side of the house we were staying at. There was also a lot of walls like this around the town and pretty much all of Maine.

This flower, Lupine was gorgeous and all over Maine!


The tide goes so low in Maine I was shocked at how far back it was. You can see in the picture above the water is originally really high!

We stopped at Green Head Lookout for a gorgeous view of Stonington.

This Opera House was so cute!

The lighthouse was adorable and the whole area surrounding it was so peaceful!

The bridge to enter Deer Isle was so pretty! It reminds me of a smaller, green version of the Golden Gate Brigde.

The sunsets in Deer Isle are incredible!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more Maine blog posts 😉

xoxo daya


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