Christmas Morning

Hey guys, Hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday! I decided to take the day to spend time with family. My little sisters wasted no time waking us up at 7 am to open their presents! When they ran downstairs the expressions on their face was priceless. Here are a few photos of our morning.


Jia and Anneka were very excited to open Santa’s presents 😉


Very happy with their presents 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this post! Anyone who was following my blogmas know that I definitely did not post everyday with was fail on my part 🙁 Turns out it’s a lot harder than I thought, especially while studying for finals. Blogmas will definitely make a return next year and hopefully I’ll be a more prepared! If you have any questions or comments leave them down below and if you like these posts make sure to give a thumbs up and follow for more! Happy Holidays❤

xoxo daya


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