bonjour france!!

heyyy i’m back (like I say in every blog whoops)!!! I could try coming up with an excuse as to why I’m posting about a trip I took a year ago like how school and sports take over my life, but honestly I’m just very lazy. I’m working on managing all my stuff better but let’s just say I have A LOT of other posts that still need to go up over the past year. Hopefully I will be able to get most of them up in this last month or so left of summer before I die in this upcoming school year (can you tell I LOVE high school??). I want to make this blog a bit less formal and more for fun and posting my memories. Also I want to do more posts that aren’t just travel and I have a few ideas!! Anyways, these are just a few photos and memories from my trip to the south of France last August. This trip was continuing off my Barcelona and England trip that I went on. This was a mother daughter trip and I had soooo much fun going around this beautiful country. We flew into the Nice airport and drove along the coast for the three days we spent here.

Menton, France

After landing in Nice we drove to the small town of Menton, France and it is SO cute. The town was very packed in so it was hard to drive around here. We ate crepes at this little restaurant and explored the town for a bit. We were here for about 2 hours and then drove to our hotel in Cannes.

Markets in Antibes

Before getting to our hotel we stopped at a market in Antibes. There are tons of different types of markets (antique, farmers, ect..) in the south of france in the summer and I just looked up the nearest one. It was fun to look around and after we just explored the shops around the town.

Cannes, France

Having dinner in Cannes was an amazing memory from our trip. Outside this restaurant there was performers and people singing and dancing. Even at midnight walking around the waterfront of Cannes is so lively.

There was also a farmers market in Cannes and we got some breakfast around that area.

There was so many cute breakfast and Lunch places around Cannes and if you’re looking to try french  pastries this is the city to go to.

Beach of Raguette

This beach was probably my favorite part of this France trip, the water was so warm and there were mostly locals at the beach. Even though a few people were nude (expect that at any beach in France) the beach itself was beautiful.

Valensole, Provence

We visited the lavender farms in the Provence region and they were so pretty!! Make sure to go at the right time of year when they’re in bloom (mostly in the spring and summer). We went the first week of August and most surrounding lavender fields were dried up except this one. The town of Valensole is extremely small. It is pretty but I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit it.


On our last day we visited Grasse. It’s considered the perfume capital of the world so we went to a french perfume factory that allowed us to make our own scent. It was a fun experience and a super great souvenir to take home.

These couple of days in France were so fun and memorable. Hope anyone heading to France is able to visit some of the beautiful towns I mentioned!

hope you enjoyed this post!!! i have a few more travel posts coming up from the past year so look out for those :))


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  • I truly enjoyed travelling with you and exploring this beautiful region of France. Can’t wait to go back!

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