An A-Maze-ing Day


Recently, my family and I spent the day in Dixon, California at a pumpkin patch named Cool Patch Pumpkins. This pumpkin patch is home to the worlds largest corn maze since 2014. Tip: Make sure to grab a map and take a pen before you head inside the maze, or you will get lost. There is an intermediate route and an advanced route. Since my dad and I are the most competitive people ever (haha) we took the advanced route even though it was our first time. It took us an hour!


About to head in!


Which way to go?


Having a little snack in the maze.


There are little lookout points throughout the maze.


Here is the maze that holds the world record!


Picking out the perfect pumpkin!


There was a cool pumpkin launcher!

Hope you enjoyed my day in the corn maze!

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