48 hours in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh was such a great experience. The moment we drove into the town we were welcomed with bagpipes and kids dancing around. Im not joking!!! It was like we drove into a movie or something. We drove from England which was about a 5/6 hour road trip. UK road trips are so different from my California ones, once you get out of the city it’s all fields of grass and farms. We were driving and I saw this cow just casually walking on this land-bridge over the main freeway. My mom and I were freaking out and my British cousins were just laughing because it was normal to them!?!! Next thing you know I look out my window and see this giant bunny statue in the middle of an empty field, it was the most random thing.

Half-way through the road trip we decided to stop in this little one-street town for some lunch. We came across what I think was the only restaurant in the whole town which was this cool british pub. It was pretty good, I would recommend going there, but good luck finding it haha.

Everyone was very content with our bagpipe welcome and we began on our exploration of Edinburgh.

When we decided to go to Edinburgh we didn’t have any plans so when we finally arrived we checked into our hotel and went outside to explore. We came across tons of gems like this little garden above and streets covered with little banners.

This street was so cute with all its bright, different colored shops.

St Giles’ Cathedral was stunning!! As you can tell it was my favorite thing to walk past as I took so many pictures of it. I loved it’s huge beautiful doors and all the stained glass inside.

Then we went to Edinburgh Castle and it had a pretty amazing view of the city.

Last, but definitely not least we went to Arthur’s Seat and saw the entire view from a top the hill (though I’d call it a mountain because it was a bit of a trek to get up). I swear it was blowing 100 mph winds up there, I actually would’ve toppled over if I hadn’t held on haha. The “hike” was a great way to get in a little exercise and end our great trip to Edinburgh.

It was so fun to see all the old architecture and natural beauty of Edinburgh. Through stocking up on scarves and trying on kilts in the tourists shops, this is a trip I’ll never forget 🙂

xoxo daya






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