Winter Look Book

Hey guys! So winter is just around the corner and I put together a few outfits to give you some inspiration for the new season! My favorite colors for the winter season are olive, maroon, and navy. Enjoy!


In this photo I layered on a black knit scarf from Target.


Outfit #1: This is probably my favorite outfit. I wore this army green jacket from American Eagle that I love. Under the jacket I wore a purple/maroon long sleeve from Aeropostale. My high-waisted jeans are from Hollister and my boots are from Target (they don’t sell them anymore so I can’t link 🙁 ).


Outfit #2: This outfit is for more of a cozy, laid back kind of day and is great for layering. I wore this super cute maroon sweater from American Eagle. I paired it with these dark navy blue jeans from Hollister. My black knit scarf is from Target, and my boots are from Costco.

_mg_9904_mg_9912_mg_9908Outfit #3: Last, but not least I wore this black coat from Target and a sweater from Brandy Melville underneath. I couldn’t find the link to the exact red scarf I wore but I’ll link a similar one here. I wore the same jeans and boots from Outfit #1.

Hope you enjoyed my winter look book!

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xoxo daya

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