My Bucket List

Being a teenager, hopefully I won’t have to worry about this day for a while haha. It’s my goal to finish every single one of these things in my lifetime. This post will never be “finished” because I will always be adding and checking off things on this list, but here’s some main things I want to do in my lifetime.

  1. see the northern lights
  2. scuba dive in the great barrier reef
  3. skydiving
  4. see the 7 wonders of the world
  5. see the hobbit houses in NEW ZEALAND
  6. see the Olympics ?!?
  7. travel somewhere by myself
  8. go to a European Christmas market
  9. graduate university
  10. do the Camino Trail in Spain
  11. stay in an over-water bungalow
  12. have a white christmas
  13. new years in nyc
  14. go cliff jumping
  15. throw a dart at a map and travel there… I know so cliché
  16. zip lining
  17. experience maldives sea of stars
  18. see a broadway musical
  19. ride a hot air balloon in Napa
  20. go on a road trip with friends
  21. go sailing
  22. ride a motorcycle
  23. visit the colosseum in Rome
  24. road trip through italy
  25. surf
  26. visit all seven continents
  27. blue lagoon in iceland
  28. grand canyon
  29. own a house
  30. gelato & pizza in florence, italy
  31. harry potter world in london
  32. learn a new language
  33. move somewhere far & new for a year
  34. get soaked under the McWay falls waterfall
  35. go rafting
  36. make a difference

hope this gave someone inspiration of things to do!

xoxo daya

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